KenyaNurse as a Link Exchange between Kenya (Africa) & Abroad
Linking you to the world! KenyaNurse as a Link Exchange between Kenya (Africa) & Abroad

The overseas journey has, for some time, proved to be a lengthy  process to many individuals with varied yet personal reasons for relocation to "the world" but then KenyanNurse decided to alleviate the entire process.

One may wonder how this happens, especially to/for nurses daring the international markets such  the UK, US, Australia,North Ireland Canada, inter alia English speaking nations.

To easen the journey, KenyaNurse,one of the leading nursing consultancy firms based in Kenya but run with a management based abroad, decided to craft a number of avenues  which are tantamount to the services offered.

Yet, it all starts with your burning urge to step, walk,work or stay in the diaspora. Hereafter, KenyanNurse invites you for dream-shaping discussion which eventually leads to an encounter with the following services, herein refered to as avenues :-

IELTS Training
Nearly all the English  countries receiving nationalities from different nations will ask for the proof of English proficiency/competency and IELTS certificate is one of such proof. This, in fact,makes the firm in reference to boast of the most convenient online platform for IELTS Training. As a matter of fact, it's the cheapest firm in Kenya and beyond offering such training. Besides the affordability and convenience, clients are guaranteed of a return in form of success while training with KenyanNurse.As proof of authenticity, a good part of the management are the chief beneficiaries of  "IELTS Training by KenyanNurse".

NMC CBT & NCLEX RN Exam Preparation.
More often than not, the nursing overseas journey process as crafted by KenyanNurse will demand that you begin with IELTS Training. Having trained with  KenyanNurse and prepared and presented for the English test, upon success, you'll be dictated by the level of success the route to follow while heading overseas;the UK or the North Ireland route demands a nurse to prepare for the Nursing & Midwifery Council (NMC)-CBT exam whilst the US journey will see you preparing the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX)-RN examination. Of course, one can still seek KenyaNnurse's guidance on matters NMC-CBT & NCLEX RN examinations.

Job Recruitment
This  is actually the elephant in the room since all the preparations aim at arriving at this destination in terms of the journey to the diaspora. Notably, KenyanNurse has strong established links within the realm of nursing profession. Such links have and still provide opportunities to nurses chasing either the UK, American, Canadian, or Australian dream.The basement of the management distributedly in the mentioned countries ensures establishment of contacts between the employer and the employee(Kenyan/African nurses). To ensure successful recruitment, the linking agency (KenyanNurse) tailors your resume to meet the prospective employer's standards.

CV Tailoring
As mentioned earlier, you need not to worry about a resume whether new to KenyanNurse or not. That document which usually speaks to the prospective employer on you behalf will be  allignment to  meet an employer's demand regardless of the cadre at a very affordable fee.

CGFNS, State Board of Nursing (BoN) Registration  Processes.
For clients targeting the US, Kenyannurse guides and supports independent candidates for CGFNS and State Board Of Nursing Registration and other US  processes.
With the efficient guidance and support, clients are guaranteed to save on time and cost as an independent candidates.

Receiving you
As one prepares for the journey to "the world", there may be the question of "who will receive me?". The team on the ground will ensure you are well received and oriented.

PS: It is high time YOU share your overseas (nursing) dream with KenyanNurse for an easier relocation process.

by Wamalwa Timothy, IELTS Trainer-KenyanNurse.

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Carol 1 year ago

Which Kenyan colleges have you partnered with for diploma in nursing?can one get a job abroad after college or must have work experience?

Faith Wanjiru 1 year ago

I am interested ,what are the requirements and how much does it cost?

Beatrice 1 year ago

What about age limit?

Beatrice 1 year ago

What about age limit?

Eunice 1 year ago

I am interested in working abroad unfortunately I am currently working in a level 2 health facility,do I stand a chance?

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