New IELTS Test Dates by British Council of Kenya
This is a big reprieve for those nurses who were preparing the exam for the purpose of migrating for the lucrative overseas nursing opportunities New IELTS Test Dates by British Council of Kenya

Luck is what happens when an opportunity meets preparedness. It is such great happiness and is all smiles for  IELTS candidates as they prepare to take the exam as early as June. British Council of Kenya has officially opened its exam centres for the resumption of IELTS Exam from June. This is a big reprieve for those nurses who were preparing the exam for the purpose of migrating either to the UK, Australia, Canada, Ireland, or the US. According to the British Council's emails to our candidates, the earliest they are offering the exam will be the month of June.

IELTS, the International English Language Testing System is designed to assess the language ability of candidates who need to study or work where English is the language of communication. IELTS is accepted as evidence of English language proficiency for study, work and immigration into Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Ireland, and the UK, as well as for study and work in the USA. Each country sets its own IELTS minimum requirements and you need to prepare well to meet these scores. There are some specific skills tested by the examiner and once you get the tips right. It gets easier for you to pass on your first attempt. Most candidates have lost hope on it, not because they are poor English users, but because they cannot present their work as expected by the examiner. You need to streamline your tips and submit them as required.

The exam in Kenya is mostly done by nurses daring to register abroad since most of the overseas registration bodies have IELTS exam as one the mandatory requirement. British Council of Kenya, which is the main organiser for the exam suspended all its activities in all its exam centres by March as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. Many people had ignored the plan to take the exam due to uncertainties of the possible exam dates and we are here to bring you good news that you can now resume onto your preparation scheme on full swing.

Thanks to our committed team at KenyanNurse which has continuously been engaging the IELTS candidates throughout the lockdown period from March to date and with that, we are so expectant of excellent results by the month of June when they will be sitting for the exam. We wish all our candidates the best as they work on their final touches.

To book the exam for purposes of practising abroad as a nurse, you need to book for IELTS Academic as depicted below. It is offered as either paper-based or computer-based though they are all taken at a designated centre either at British Council offices or centres that have ultra-speed internet.

If you stay in Nairobi then grab the opportunity to book and sit for your exams in the month of June on the following dates and centres: on 13th June 2020, paper-based IELTS exam at British Council & Vishwa Oshwal College; on 20th for the paper-based IELTS and Computer-based IELTS at British Council and on 27th June 2020 for Computer-Based IELTS at British Council. These are the only dates for the Nairobi based exams in June 2020. Thus, if you are based in Nairobi then you should grab this opportunity as soon as possible and for those who haven't been preparing please do not just book for the sake of booking, instead, contact our team at KenyanNurse for revision classes and materials and you will be ready to book your IELTS exam by July.

If you stay in Mombasa or the current lockdown found you there, then you can take the exam on the 6th June 2020 at British Council Mombasa or at Jeffery Institute of Professional Studies Mombasa. This will be a computer-based IELTS examination for your information.

If you are based in Eldoret or you reside in the western part of Kenya, then you can sit for the paper-based IELTS exams on 20th June at British Council offices (Noble Conference Centre, Kapsoya Off Nairobi Road)

As KenyanNurse we pride in informing our dear nurses as early as we can to enable them to make informed decisions. As we had indicated earlier on that there is going to be a huge demand for nurses after the COVID-19 pandemic we are tempted to extrapolate our thoughts to assume that it's because of the need that even the slots for IELTS have been made available. This implies that the few bold-minded nurses who are prepared to the core, and the only hindrance was the slot availability, their prayers have been answered and will, therefore, grab this opportunity with all their might.

Proceed to book your exams and by the way, we have our May Intake for IELTS revisions and this means that if you subscribe to our IELTS training program that is done purely online then you can be ready to fly out as soon as the airports are opened to international flights. At KenyanNurse, we hold our candidates right from the start till we get them to their favourite destination.

With all that's going on globally, Overseas hospitals have appreciated the fact that they have an acute shortage of staff and they even need more help from other countries than ever before. Some leaders are currently engaging bills that support health workers immigration and application for citizenship in these countries and more good deals are expected.  Thus, we encourage everyone to make good use of this time to get things set in preparation to grab these opportunities. IELTS, as known to many, is and has always been the gateway to this. Don't work on this journey alone. 

Be bold. Join KenyanNurse and book your IELTS slot the soonest.

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Josephine 3 months ago

I have been really waiting for this

Janet chepkonga 3 months ago

I had booked for may 21st .Should I book for June?

Monicah 3 months ago

Finally, God is good

Pamella 3 months ago

This time I need to grab this opportunity

Pamella 3 months ago

This time I need to grab this opportunity

Catherine 3 months ago

Thanks for thisvwill take the opportunity.

Beatrice 3 months ago

At least there's light at the end of the tunnel

Sheilah Ronoh 3 months ago

I am interested in studying IELTS

Marygrace 3 months ago

Am almost finishing my classes in my 6th week hope you have been following my work so it's you to advise me if am well baked through my practice so that I can book for the test

BENARD 3 months ago

Well, thanks a lot for the info. Have been training with the Kenyan Nurse since The beginning of April and I would Rilly want to sit for my exam in 13th June.

Mataya 3 months ago

What about when am in Uganda

Anne 3 months ago

Interested for the July exam but need revision

Taseniel Msami Mchau 3 months ago

Good news KenyanNurse, have been on training from 15th April. However, my worry is what will happen to me with regard to booking and taking the exam as I am not within Nairobi and if at all I have to do it it will require me to travel from Taita Taveta County to Nairobi County ?

Abigael 3 months ago

Will join May class

Catherine Mpinda Jediel 3 months ago

Am interested with training for IELTS

winny 2 months ago


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