Diaspora Nurses Investment Program

Nurses are special people; whose unwavering dedication is towards the wellbeing and health of others at the cost of their personal health and even their long-term financial planning8. A study by Fidelity Investments found out that more than 56% of the nurses are not confident when it comes to investing. This is attributed to them spending lots of hours and even during their offs, they don’t devote time to study investments.
KenaynNurse shall endeavour to train nurses on financial planning and then from there engage KenyanNurse financial planners in developing financial plans for the KN alumni nurses based in different countries and then develop investment portfolios for them and execute them.
KenyanNurse shall receive training fees and portfolio management fees and brokerage fees from the investments. This will be geared towards enabling nurses plan their retirements early and earn above market returns from their hard-earned money abroad.