Our Overseas Stories

"A journey of a thousand miles starts with one step as they say, my journey with Kenyanurse started way back in 2016 when the CEO himself got me a not so good job in Kakamega Kenya, as a freshman straight from college I was dissatisfied but I didn't know God had better plans and Kenyan nurse would help me accomplish them. I would write a whole page through my overseas process,it wasnt a smooth one but step by step with the guidance of Kenyan nurse and my determination everything that was once blurred as a vision came to pass.
Kenyan nurse has been vital in my journey, from setting me up ready through exams to an interview till I landed in London it wasnt a walk in the path but I felt professionally handled, motivated and guided through. I would say I was lucky, but again who believes in luck? I believe in destiny and through Kenyan nurse I believe I will reach all the places I ever wished for. Thanks Kenyannurse for your guidance,motivation, inspiration I pray that God blesses Kenyannurse and all Kenyan nurses abroad and in the overseas journey."
Damarys Oprong_RN, United Kingdom

"I am pleased to have been guided through my nursing overseas journey by Kenyannurse. I really appreciate how the team handled me professionally and at personal level.
I value and respect the work Kenyannurse is doing, making a difference today and for generations to come. The prosperity of Kenyannurse is a reminder that diligent work pays. Thank you Kenyannurse for being there...
Thank you for guidance...
Thank you for inspiration..."

Dalia Lulu_RN, United Kingdom.

"KenyanNurse Family is my second home. My daring abroad journey started sometimes back when I tried to apply to Canada and never made it through their registration process.
I then applied for a scholarship to pursue masters in Oncology with Adelaide University Australia, The first 4 initial stages went through and only failed in the last stage when I had to submit my IELTS scores so that visa processing could begin. The writing cut mark was abit high and this pinned me down. I came back to the USA journey,I applied with one of the agencies and they turned down my application since I was a lecturer by then and they needed someone with clinical experience.
Malta was my next dream country ,but then their application process would take so long so I didn't even start. Very disturbed,I talked to CEO KenyanNurse,Simiyu in a very low toned voice,and he told me that he would get me to the UK in 6 months time if I joined them. I felt re-energized this time round and embarked on a journey that would later make my dream come true.
KenyanNurse took me through each and every step of the journey right from IELTS training to settling in the UK .
I would call them each time of the day and never got bored with me. I would wish to encourage anyone interested in this journey to join KenyanNurse.
Thanks KenyanNurse for being my dream maker.
"Darling never lose hope, you are a river ,the rocks will break you, the valleys will bend you, but you will never stop, because that is what you do,......you flow."

Emmanuel Kipng'eno_RN, Wales.