About Us

About Us

Why 35,000+ People Trust KenyanNurse

KenyanNurse is a Nursing Consultancy firm engaged in training and recruitment of nurses and other healthcare professionals for both local and international opportunities. It is based in Kenya and managed by a team of overseas nurses whose mission is to offer support to nurses, other healthcare professionals and other professionals relocating to overseas countries; supply local and international nursing schools with prospective nursing students; run a nursing and healthcare professional jobs center for both local and international recruitment and is the main point of contact for all nursing related trainings both locally and internationally.

Our Vision

To be a nursing firm trusted by nurses, other healthcare professionals and other professionals; availing and facilitating local and international opportunities for all; restoring the dignity of the nursing profession through enhanced career choices, improved standards of living, especially by putting smiles on the nurses' families and nurses and other healthcare professionals retiring in a dignified manner..

Our Business Focus

With a covered population of at least 20,000 nurses and other healthcare professionals, KenyanNurse focuses on recruitment of nurses for both local and international market, provision of trainings for English proficiency examinations such as IELTS, OET and TOEFL, training nursing examinations i.e. NMC- CBT; NCLEX-RN, Visa - application services, UK university admission services among others.

Our Core Values

Walking and Working Together

Everyone at KenyanNurse is obliged to strive so that we achieve the business-wide objective of getting enough opportunities for our clients, mostly nurses.


Our colleagues or KenyanNurse affiliates endeavor to consider an individual's problem with magnanimity. This is because individuals' problems affect us either directly or indirectly.


As KenyanNurse, our top priority is the nurse either working or a graduate aspiring to work. We ensure that all our decisions are pro-nurses.

Togetherness in Growth

We are together in forging for personalized and organization wide growth. We always advocate for growth in all aspects of life and we shall celebrate each element of each other’s journey.

Listen and Act

We seek to listen more, and act. We shall be the last person in the room to speak and the first to listen.

Happy, Laugh, Joke !

We practice these any time and every time. We endeavor to promote personal happiness which eventually has a ripple effect on everyone at KenyanNurse.

Our Team

Mr. Caleb Wafula

Chief Executive Officer

Miss Daisy Kiptoo

Overseas and Local Recruitment Manager

Miss Barbra Jemutai

Communication and Customer Service Manager

Miss Caren Koech

Overseas and Local Universities Admissions Manager

Mr. Shadrack Mokuah

Office Administrator


Finance Manager

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