KenyanNurse Overseas Nursing Journey - Pathways Program

Do you have a son/daughter/brother/sister or even a friend who has always dreamt of becoming an Overseas Nurse? If you answered Yes, then we welcome you to join the next generation of highly competent OVERSEAS NURSES. Your JOURNEY TO OVERSEAS starts here in our KenyanNurse Overseas Nursing Support Program. This Overseas Nursing Support Program serves as a roadmap to guide you on your journey and prepare you for your dream destinations of nursing practice e.g. US, the UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and Ireland.

The program will also assist you to make a series of steps starting from admission to a chosen Nursing school in Kenya and even Overseas, mentor you through the nursing training, preparing your for Overseas nursing jobs by training you for international exams like IELTS , TOEFEL, OET, NCLEX-RN (US, Canada & Australia), NMC CBT, (UK), and Aptitude Test (Ireland). Finally, we shall organise for interviews with potential international hospitals for employment.

Our consultants will be on this journey with you and assist you in every way possible. With more than 15 years of combined experience, we believe that we will be of great help to you in achieving your overseas nursing dream career.

We take pride in your success as a nurse: we manage your transition from high school or from different field of specialization to college/University and then ‘Kaboom’ to an International platform where you practise nursing in your destination of choice. It starts with a choice followed by choosing the right partner in the nursing journey. So far, we have facilitated 500 Nurses to the UK, 10 to Ireland and 20 to the USA. Choose your international destination now and leave the rest to the partner of choice: KenyanNurse

To achieve a complete loop of the nursing journey, we are looking out for Nursing Training Colleges and Universities in Kenya where we can admit our students. If you are an administrator/representative of any nursing college then we are looking for you. If you are seeking for ways to bolster your student recruitment, partnerships with an internationally reputed firm, intend to cut down on marketing and recruitment costs and MAXIMIZE your ROI, then look no further. Hit the partnership application form below and we shall get in touch ASAP.

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