NCK/FQE Revision Classes

The Nursing Council of Kenya (NCK) Licensure examination is required to be taken by all nursing students trained in Kenya or all those who wish to work in Kenya as registered nurses. The Nursing Council of Kenya is responsible for ensuring that all nurses and midwives within its jurisdiction meet an acceptable level of competence before they begin to practice. They administer a licensure examination for this.

It consists of 3 papers for KRN cadre and 4 papers for KRCHN and BSN basic carders. Each paper examines specific competencies expected of nurses & midwives practicing within that capacity and is administered over the course of three hours. The papers comprise multiple-choice questions, short answer questions and long answer questions where the candidate is expected to respond to brief health-care scenarios. Candidates are expected to get a minimum of Pass (50%) for them to be registered and licensed as nurses in Kenya.

The structure of the exam is as follows:

  • Paper I (Medical nursing & Obstetrics)
  • Paper II (Surgical nursing & Nursing Administration)
  • Paper III (Community Health & Pediatric nursing).
  • KenyanNurse runs FQE and NCK revision programs for several weeks all purely on a tech-enabled platform: Whatsapp, Basecamp and Survey Monkey. After giving a comprehensive training, the candidates are released to sit for their licensure exam.

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